Art Center

Our goal is to cultivate your creative vision and seek out new artistic experiences and opportunities. Located in the historic district of Bangkok, we provide a state-of-the-art facility that serves as the hub for the most dynamic art community in Southeast Asia.

Currently on view


Solo exhibition by Andrea Cusumano

27 November – 24 December 2023

Artist-in-residence 2023

Liliane Zumkemi

June–July 2023


Wendy Teakel

August–October 2023

David Jensz

August–October 2023

Andrea Cusumano

November 2023

Art Space

Matdot is a premier art destination located in the heart of Bangkok, offering a comprehensive range of artistic experiences. Whether you are an artist, art collector, art student, or simply passionate about the art world, we provide a diverse array of innovative activities in our beautifully designed, multi-functional spaces.

Art Residency

Art Residency program offers a unique opportunity for artists and creatives across multiple disciplines, generations, and nationalities to delve into new frontiers in applied art. Participants can explore these frontiers through physical and virtual means, and also engage in collaboration with local peers.

Art Publishing

The Great Fine Art is a leading art publisher in Thailand. Its inaugural publication, Fine Art Magazine, continues to be printed today and is accompanied by a range of other art books. We have collaborated with esteemed international publishers such as Taschen and Phaidon to produce Thai editions of their renowned art books.