“Am-Rung” Art Program

The “Am-Rung Art” television show was organised by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture. The word am-rung means to maintain and preserve as though to tell the story of how art was preserved through modern media that transformed with the times. The content focussed on fostering inspirations and recounting the exemplars’ experiences of working in the art industry which was categorised into 9 types, namely; visual arts, music, literature, film, architecture, decorative arts, graphic arts, performance arts, and design. Besides the show’s content that relates to art topics, the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture’s choice of shooting locations were chosen in consistent with all works of art, such as art galleries, libraries, or independent creative spaces that facilitate the art community, like the MATDOT Art Center which was also a part of the programme.

In early May 2019, Art Am-Rung chose the café at MATDOT Art Center as the location for its pilot episode to convey an atmosphere of relaxation with guest artist Singto Numchoke, AKA Numchoke Tanudrum, a Thai pop singer and songwriter. Also invited was Duang-rithi Claewplodtook, a notable food stylist who chose the use of the spacious black room to share his stories of art through dishes of foods. The show opened in the Silpa Bhirasri Room. Naturally, there is no need to elaborate further with the mention of his name because art is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. This art programme can be seen on the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture’s (OCAC) YouTube channel for easy access to the general public.

Program recorded at Matdot Art Center
11 May 2020 and 16 May 2020

Invited Host: Duanng-Rithi Claewplodtook (Food Stylist)
FB: @Duangrithi

Invited Guest: Singto Numchoke (Singer & Songwriter)
FB: @singtonumchok

Special Thanks to http://ocac.go.th/