Artist Talk: Andrew Stahl

On 26 October 2022, Prof. Andrew Stahl, a professional English artist who is currently exhibiting his artwork in the Sparkling City exhibition at MATDOT Art Center, was honored to give a presentation at the “Artist Talk” event held at the Black Hall. The event drew a significant turnout of artists, academics, and the general public who showed keen interest in art. 

Stahl shared his work experiences from the very beginning, his dedication, and his personal interests that have driven him to passionately pursue his career as an artist and a long-time art instructor. The central part of Andrew Stahl’s work comes from his interest in diverse cultures, societies, religions, traditions, and languages. Stahl uses these encounters to inspire his works. His personal language of art connects to ideas around representing thoughts and feelings and even confusion.

This program is part of Andrew Stahl’s artist-in-residence project, taking place from August to October 2022 at MATDOT Art Center.