Paulo Euron: Book presentation

In the framework of the Italian Festival in Thailand 2020, the Embassy of Italy proudly presented the “Book presentation and discussion on the literature, art, and beauty in an intercultural context” on December 9, 2020.

It was our great pleasure and honor to welcome H.E. the Ambassador of Italy, Mr. Lorenzo Galanti, and his spouse Ms. Francesca  Andreini (writer), Professor Dale Konstanz (artist), H.E. the Ambassador of Columbia, Ms. Ana Maria Prieto Abad, together with art advocates, artists, as well as art lovers and enthusiasts who participated in this event.

Aesthetics, Theory, and Interpretation of the Literary Work, was written by Paolo Euron. The book introduces the reader to the literary work and to an understanding of its cultural background and its specific features.

In doing so, it refers to two main traditions of Western culture: one of aesthetics and the theory of art and the other of literary theory. In our postmodern world, language and artistic creation (and above all literature as the art of language) occupy a special role in understanding the human world and become existential issues. A critical attitude requires knowledge of the relevant past in order to understand what we are today. The author presents key topics, ideas, and representatives of aesthetics, theory, and the interpretation of works of art from a historical perspective, in order to explain the Western tradition with constant attention to the present condition. 

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