Thai Abstract Art Icons Reunite in “Colourstruck” Exhibition

April 1, 2024, MATDOT Art Center unveiled its new exhibition,Colourstruck, welcoming a distinguished audience and enthusiastic public. Curated by Chalotorn Anchaleesahakorn, the show presents a retrospective journey through the works of Thailand’s senior abstract art pioneers: Pricha Arjuna, Thongchai Rakpathum, and Somsak Chowtadapong.

The opening ceremony featured speeches by all three artists, where they delved into the creative genesis of their abstract explorations and the context surrounding their artistic journeys. “Colourstruck” offers a unique opportunity for a younger generation to encounter these invaluable works and gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of abstract art in Thailand. 

The exhibition is free and open to the public from 1–30 April 2024, at both Matdot Gallery and Blacklist Gallery within MATDOT Art Center.