Artist Talk: Giacomo Zaganelli

Working on the Contexts: Site-responsive approach

An Artist Talk by Giacomo Zaganelli

2 March 2022| 13:30 – 16:00
at Black Hall, MATDOT Art Center

Zaganelli is an author interested in the potential of things. He is inspired by looking at the world for the possibilities that it offers instead of for the limits that it imposes. Seeing opportunities everywhere is part of his attitude and his interior energy, that is exactly what pushes him to create simple projects designed for everyone. 

As an artist, curator and cultural organizer he works inter-disciplinarily towards an idea of collectivity and community. Through his practice he investigates the social and public dimension of the concept of space, developing projects and interventions based on the contexts, working in response to places and involving local communities during the process. The outcome is every time different and exempt from trends. His production varies from monumental public interventions to digital researches, from museum exhibitions to the creation of series of books, from curatorial projects to the organization of conferences, meetings and workshops.

During the talk at MATDOT Art Center he will present his social oriented artistic practice illustrating some of his most representative works, among others: his solo shows at Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Italy) and MOCA Taipei (Taiwan) and the Setouchi Triennale 2019 project.