Interview with the Director

WINDOW MAGAZINE THAILAND is a newcomer to the publications industry. KUKKONG THIRATHOMRONGKIAT initiated this magazine with simplicity. It all began with a part coffee shop and part gallery space. As the essence of everyday life becomes more infused with literary work, they continue their lives as normal, thus making their literary work not a chore but a part of their daily life.

This window opens and closes for all readers to enter and explore the space within before they are led through selected contents by means of conversations with the special guest of each column.

In Issue 2, KUKKONG THIRATHOMRONGKIAT and his team opened the issue with an interview of art book publisher and industry magnate, Editor-in-Chief of Fine Art Magazine, and founder of MATDOT Art Center, Tawatchai Somkong.

It began with a magazine and then the procurement of a property space to accommodate numerous forms of art activities, MATDOT Art Center’s foundation has been laid as a comprehensive art space.
A space that meets the multi communications needs of the wider art community, be it an exhibition area, a gallery space, a spacious hall for installation arts and sculptures, a conference room, or an arena for live performances, as well as a souvenir shop, lodging, a working space for artists, and a restoration room to repair and restore impaired art objects.

What prompted the concept of this art space, what direction has it taken, and what does the future hold? Read more in WINDOW Magazine at