MATDOT Unveils New Exhibitions: “MAKEsmile Heroes” and “Diverse Dimensions”
On May 13, 2024, MATDOT Art Center hosted the opening of two new exhibitions, “MAKEsmile Heroes” and “Diverse Dimensions,” welcoming a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and students.

“MAKEsmile Heroes” showcases the result of art residency program at MATDOT through the vibrant works of ITOKiN, a self-taught Japanese artist. Utilizing only primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – ITOKiN presents a unique perspective on Bangkok’s rapid growth and cultural landscape, depicting the city through the figure of a giant robot.

The second exhibition, “Diverse Dimensions,” features established artists Pradit Tungprasartwong and Worapol Nuanla-ong. Both artists explore the meditative process through their art, interpreting Buddhist dharma through distinct artistic styles – Worapol with his abstract approach and Pradit with his surrealist vision.

During the opening ceremony, guests were treated to artist talks where ITOKiN, Pradit, and Worapol provided insightful commentary on their creative concepts, fostering lively discussions amongst the audience.

MATDOT Art Center expresses its gratitude to all who attended the successful opening night. These exhibitions offer a compelling exploration of artistic expression, and MATDOT looks forward to welcoming visitors throughout the duration of the shows.