“Whitewash” and “Every Day Good”: New Shows Explore Social Issues and Personal Reflections

On June 4, 2024, MATDOT Art Center kicked off a vibrant evening with the opening reception for two captivating exhibitions: “Whitewash” by Kanya Charoensupkul and “Every Day Good” by Vincent Leow.

The night began with a welcome address, followed by speeches from both artists. Kanya, a highly respected Thai artist and printmaking instructor for over five decades, presented a retrospective collection of mixed-media paintings. Inspired by the social and political shifts of the 1990s, the works showcased her keen social observations.

Leow, a renowned Singaporean artist, unveiled “Every Day Good,” a series of over 100 intricate black-and-white drawings. Created during his residency at MATDOT, the drawings served as a personal journal reflecting on loss, global conflict, and the chaos depicted in daily news.

Following the speeches, guests and artists engaged in lively discussions, creating a stimulating atmosphere. MATDOT expressed their gratitude to all attendees for joining this special evening and for the opportunity to showcase such powerful artworks.