Innovative Dialogues with Dr. Suborno Bose, Founder & Chief Mentor of the INDISMART Group

On April 9, 2024, we were honored to host Dr. Suborno Bose, the esteemed Chief Mentor of the International Institute of Hotel Management across India, UK, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as the President of the International Hospitality Council, UK, at MATDOT Art Center.

Dr. Bose’s visit marked a pivotal moment at the intersection of hospitality and art.  In addition to his insightful discussions on future collaborations, Dr. Bose also engaged in an enriching conversation with Vincent Leow, a distinguished Singaporean artist who is currently serving as our artist-in-residence from April to June 2024.

Dr. Suborno Bose, a seasoned chartered accountant and entrepreneur with over 25 years of global experience, is the founder and chief mentor of the INDISMART Group. Committed to creating memorable experiences for all, he emphasizes skills training and development through initiatives like the Institute of Advanced Management and the International Institute of Hotel Management.

Recognizing the growing demand for work-ready professionals in the hospitality industry, Dr. Bose advocates for practical learning and hands-on experience, exemplified by the integration of hotels with educational programs. With a belief in lifelong learning, he continues to lead and inspire, recognizing that there are always new horizons to explore and lessons to learn.