ThaiPBS Interviews Mr. Vincent Leow, a Distinguished Singaporean Artist

On April 18, 2024, MATDOT was honored to welcome Mr. Kitipat Chuensukjit, the program host of Walk-A-Tif, This Week with Thai PBS World, to interview Mr. Vincent Leow, a distinguished Singaporean artist and art teacher, who is currently an artist-in-resident at MATDOT Art Center.

During the interview, Mr. Leow shared insights into the meaning of art, his inspiration for artwork, perspectives on his creations and contemporary art, as well as his definition of success in the art industry. He also offered advice to aspiring young artists, providing valuable perspectives and inspiring messages about the present state of art and navigating the art world.

Additionally, a day in the life of Vincent was captured on film, showcasing his activities during his art residency and the process of creating his artwork before its showcase in the Matdot Gallery.

Mr. Leow emphasized, “If you want to be an artist, you should know what art really means to you and what your directions are.” Here is an excerpt of the interview. For further details, tune in to the TV program Walk-A-Tif, This Week with Thai PBS World, on April 26, 2024, at 10:30 p.m.”