Artist Talk: Vincent Leow Shares Insights on His Artistic Journey

On May 23, 2024, the MATDOT Art Center hosted an engaging artist talk featuring renowned artist Vincent Leow. Currently participating in the Art Residency Program at MATDOT Art Center from April to June 2024, Leow is crafting a new series of artworks for an upcoming exhibition at Blacklist Gallery, scheduled for June.

During the event, Leow shared his artistic journey from his early years to the present, offering insightful commentary on the Singapore art scene. He captivated the audience with a sneak peek of his upcoming exhibition, sparking great anticipation. Leow also provided valuable advice to the younger generation of artists, encouraging them to pursue their careers in the art scene with passion and dedication.

The session concluded with a lively interactive discussion, allowing attendees to exchange ideas with the artist. The event provided a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to gain deeper insights into Leow’s creative process and the evolving landscape of contemporary art in Singapore.