International Artists Participating in Residency Program: Vincent Leow and ITOKiN

On April 17, 2024, MATDOT Art Center welcomed Mr. Vincent Leow, the Singaporean artist and art teacher, as well as ITOKiN and Mr. Koochan, Japanese artists from the MAKEsmile Team. They are participating in MATDOT’s residency program.

Vincent Leow, a visual artist, skillfully employs mixed media to explore the artist’s role and art-making in contemporary society, intertwining his own insights and personal experiences. His artistic expression spans diverse mediums and genres: sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, video, and more. By integrating his creations with a variety of social and communal contexts, he has propelled his artistic journey to the forefront of public attention, sparking inspiration in others along the way. From April to June 2024, Mr. Vincent Leow is an artist-in-resident at MATDOT.

ITOKiN, the Japanese self-taught artist, initiated his artist life with the clear goal of spreading smiles to others, aligned with his motto “MAKEsmile”. In his artworks, only primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) are used. During the artist residency program, from April to May 2024, ITOKiN is creating artwork to spread joy to the public. He will showcase his artwork in an upcoming exhibition schedule in May 2024 at MATDOT Art Center.

Text by Miss Natthicha Siangwan