A Journey Through Early Thai Abstract Art

In the 1960s and 70s, Thailand witnessed a surge in abstract art. Paintings from this era showcased a newfound focus on visual elements. Geometric shapes, flattened perspectives, and a vibrant palette with contrasting color weights became prominent. These works broke new ground in emotional expression, conveying a wider spectrum of feelings than ever before seen in Thai art.

Pricha Arjunka used colour to represent his emotions and feelings, arranging visual elements such as geometric and free forms in various ways. Driven by a desire to unveil the truth of beauty, Thongchai Rakpathum translated the natural world’s magnificence onto his canvases. His works are distinguished by their textured surfaces, achieved through the unique application of sand. Somsak Chowtadapong‘s early works are characterised by “colour and space.” Despite their vast emptiness, these paintings evoke a sense of both tranquility and dynamism.

The paintings of these three masters demonstrate the endless possibilities of experimenting with visual elements in different ways. Although they were created more than half a century ago, the vibrant interplay of colour, line, shape, and space in these works still shines through, vividly illustrating the dawn of abstract art in Thailand.

Exhibition period: 1–30 April 2024

Opening reception: Monday 1 April, 18.00h