Art Residency

MATDOT Art Center proudly offers a Residency Program, providing unique opportunities for artists worldwide to live and work in our vibrant community.  During their residency, artists have access to studio space, resources, and support from our staff. They also have the chance to engage with the local art scene and collaborate with other artists. While our residency program primarily focuses on visual artists, we also welcome artists from different genres and disciplines. Musicians, writers, performers, architects, and other creative individuals are encouraged to apply.  We believe in fostering a diverse and interdisciplinary artistic community where different forms of expression can intersect and inspire one another. 

Artist-in-residence 2024

Zach Zono


Susan Collins


Liliane Zumkemi




Vincent Leow




Carlos Delgado


Paolo Gatti


Peter Holden


Al Munro


Artist-in-residence 2024

MATDOT Art Residency Program

Types of Artists in Residence


Invited artists receive complimentary accommodation and studio space during their residency as a token of our appreciation for their artistic contributions. This is our way of supporting and acknowledging the valuable work of these exceptional individuals.

Open Call

Through our open call, we invite artists of diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply for our residency program. We welcome the opportunity to connect with emerging talents and provide a platform for new voices to flourish.


We recommend a residency duration of 1 to 3 months. We believe this timeframe will allow artists to crystallize their ideas and plans, fostering the creation of impactful works.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must be aged 21 years or older to be considered for MATDOT Art Center’s Residency Program.

All applicants will be carefully reviewed by Matdot’s dedicated committees. The selection process considers various factors, including the artists’ consistency of working, progression of work, and other relevant criteria that showcase their artistic merit.

Artists who meet the eligibility criteria and successfully pass the review process will receive an official acceptance letter from MATDOT Art Center. This letter serves as confirmation of their acceptance into the Residency Program. 

Kindly note that participation in the Residency Program does not automatically guarantee an exhibition. The inclusion of additional activities and exhibitions will be carefully considered by our committees, ensuring a thoughtful and curated approach aligned with the diverse ways in which artists express their ideas. 


MATDOT provides air-conditioned accommodations (room only) and studios of various sizes and styles, each equipped with standard furniture and facilities to ensure artists can stay and work comfortably and productively. Free drink at Matdot café a glass for a day is available. We also have a shared kitchen, washing machine, and housekeeping services available upon request.

Accommodation rate

    • Aquarium 1 – THB 45,000 per month
    • Aquarium 2 – THB 45,000 per month
    • The Cabin – THB 36,000 per month

Studio rate

    • Studio 1 – THB 22,000 per month
    • Studio 2 – THB 20,000 per month
    • Studio 3 – THB 40,000 per month




We strive to provide opportunities for both emerging and established artists to participate in the program. Artists interested in MATDOT’s residency program can complete the application form and submit their portfolios to or