Art Residency

MATDOT Art Center is a hub for creative advancement and artistic inspiration. Founded by artist and curator Tawachai Somkong, MATDOT leverages Bangkok’s rich cultural heritage and unique, contemporary spirit to serve as an international center for art and creativity. MATDOT’s mission is to cultivate a permanent culture of creativity through partnerships with Silpakorn University educators, international art organizations, and foundations. With a focus on providing the right environment at the right time, MATDOT offers a dynamic platform for artists, creatives, and art enthusiasts to grow, connect, and thrive.

In the setting of a 2,000 sq.m retro-contemporary loft-style facility with ample amenities and studio spaces, MATDOT artist residencies offer a unique opportunity for artists and creatives from diverse disciplines, generations, and nationalities to delve into uncharted territories of applied art and envision future scenarios through both physical and virtual processes, as well as through collaborative interactions with local peers.

Artist-in-residence 2023

Liliane Zumkemi

June–July 2023


Wendy Teakel

August–October 2023

David Jensz

August–October 2023

Andrea Cusumano

November 2023












MATDOT provides a platform for fostering professional relationships and connections among residents, visiting multidisciplinary creatives, Fine Art Universities and their educators, as well as offering opportunities to connect with local and international artists, art professionals, and curators. These interactions and engagements have the potential to facilitate new possibilities and advance the residents’ practices and careers.


The artist-in-residence programs at MATDOT are open to both emerging and established national and international artists who are 21 years of age or older. A broad range of artistic disciplines are eligible. Each year, four artists are selected for residency opportunities.

Work & Live Amenities

Three work studios in which the artists-in-residence reside. Studio spaces range from 22 sq. m to 30 sq. m. All residents have access to a variety of vintage furniture (table, chairs, desks). Studios are also equipped with a paint sink, concrete floor, accessible windows, an outdoor area, easel, and 3.5 m ceilings

Each of the 4-residency lodging rooms is one-of-a-kind, immersed in unique artworks and fully furnished and equipped with AC, WIFI internet, private bathroom, desk and chair, fridge, hospitality tray, Bluetooth speaker bathrobes, and slippers.

Artists-in-resident shares the ground open-space floor with a fully equipped kitchen (utensils, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, fridge, washing machine). Housekeeping may be provided upon request.


MATDOT Accommodation


The residency program has a duration of 1–3 months. Applicants can apply for a specific residency at any time.


The monthly program fee for the residency is $1,300. This fee covers room accommodation, studio space, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. However, artists are responsible for their own travel expenses, food, and supplies.


Submissions for 2024 are now open. If you have questions about the Artist-in-Residence program or the submission process, please contact Sananchol by sending your resume, portfolio, and a detailed project proposal of no more than 500 words (English) to or

The proposal should include your goals, the scope of your work, timeline, and the mediums/media you plan to use. If you have any specific technical or support requirements, please highlight them in your proposal. Additionally, please specify the desired residency period.









Art Residency Alumni

Our art residency program’s alumni include a number of renowned international artists who have gone on to achieve great success in their fields.