Art Residency Alumni

MATDOT Art Center has a rich history of hosting talented and diverse artists-in-residence. These artists come from a variety of disciplines in contemporary art. During their residency, they have the opportunity to explore new artistic frontiers, develop professional collaborations and friendships, and immerse themselves in the unique cultural and creative atmosphere of Bangkok. The residents have access to spacious studio spaces, comfortable lodging rooms, and a shared open-space floor with a fully equipped kitchen. MATDOT Art Center provides a unique and supportive environment for artists to create and grow.

Andrew Stahl

August–October 2022

Raghu Karnad

April 2022

Sara Fantoni

April 2022

Adisak Somkong

February–April 2022

Giacomo Zaganelli

Dec 2021–Feb 2022

Fiza Ghauri

Nov 2020–May 2021

Gianluca Vernizzi