Gianluca Vernizzi


Born in 1964 in Modena, Italy, Gianluca Vernizzi was educated in the UK and the USA. Vernizzi is an entrepreneur who has interest in art innovation and has garnered over 35 years of experience in the global color-production industry. He chooses to live and work in Bangkok permanently, where he spends the majority of his time creating art, a fascination he has learned by himself since childhood. 

The work of this Italian artist could be seen as the combination of the aesthetic qualities of fine arts with cutting-edge technologies. After working full-time as an artist, Vernizzi has applied his scientific knowledge to develop better-quality color and use it for his novel creation in the field, the example of which is the invention of the photosensitive nano acrylics which enables the artwork to glow in the dark.

Technical inventions aside, Vernizzi work often discusses the intellectual process of humanity and the profound mental phenomena of the individual by alluding to figures or chapters taken from Christianity, albeit independent of their sacred contexts.