Andrea Cusumano

November 2023

Andrea Cusumano

Andrea Cusumano is a visual artist, performer and scholar of Italian and British nationality. He is currently musical director of Hermann Nitsch’s O.M.Theatre in Austria, artistic director of BAM-Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo and director of CeSDAS (centre for the study of space applied dramaturgy) in Sicily. He taught theatre and performance at Central Saint Martins (2008-2011)Goldsmiths (2011-2017) in London, Deputy Mayor for Culture in Palermo (2014-2019), and artistic curator of Letterature Festival Internazionale di Roma (2020-2021).  


Andrea’s research is based on the dramaturgical use of the space and narratives, using a wide spectrum of practices including drawing, painting, ceramic, sculpture, installation, live-art and theatre. Between 1993 and 2004 he developed a project of site-specific installations, loosely inspired by the Cappucini Chapel in Palermo. He produced and directed over 20 performances and theatre productions in Edinburgh, London, Krakow, Palermo, Rome, Salzburg, New Delhi, Thrissur, Wrocław and Agrigento.  


Since 2018 Andrea lives and works in Palermo with his partner Iolanda and 3 kids Elia, Maia and Nina. 

Retablo (2021–present)
Atto IV ( 4 Act, Antigone-Koodiyattam)
Theatre Garibaldi, Palermo 2023

Ostrakon (2021), Ceramic and melted glass

La Regina (Villa Nitti, maratea 2021)

La ali della Farfalla

The Bitter Belief of Cotrone the Magacian
Umarla Lkasa / Dead Class (Theatre Cricot 2)
Garderobe Suite (Vienna 2000–01)
La caccia di Modena (2000)
Balocchi – Toyland (Los Angelis 1997, New York 1998)
Rumero o suono del silenzio
(Salsburg 1993, Palermo 1995)
Rumero o suono del silenzio
(Salsburg 1993, Palermo 1995)
Early works: From abstract to narrative


Solo exhibition by Andrea Cusumano

27 November–24 December 2023
Matdot Gallery and Blacklist Gallery