Fiza Ghauri

November 2020–May 2021

Fiza Ghauri


Fiza Ghauri is an artist currently enrolled in the Slate School of Fine Arts. Her paintings are mainly focused on capturing the clarity and essence of the entity—a myriad of memories and imaginations that are comprised through abstract painting. There is attention to natural forms and how life is built upon nature. Ghauri generally uses various techniques and mediums for her artwork, such as oil pastels, oil paint, and orche pigment on wooden surfaces.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she couldn’t travel back to England to continue her course. Ghauri chose to reside at MATDOT to keep developing her art practice. In November 2020, Ghauri got a chance to exhibit her artwork with a group of Thai and foreign artists in the exhibition “POST-COVID” at MATDOT.

Sentence the Sky, 2023
Etching on glass
45 × 55 cm

Horizon’s String: Extraction of Gum, Gamboge and Goats, 2022
Cedar wood, carved and burnt, gum Arabic, gamboge, wood dust
90 × 30 cm

Lulusar Lake, Brown King Trip, 2022
Cedar wood, carved and burnt, oil paint, wood dust
30 × 30 cm

Gathering, 2022
Plywood with oil pastel and pigment
30.5 × 48.2 cm

Measures, 2021
Teak, plywood, oil paint and pigment,
24 × 42.5 cm

Fleet, 2021
Oil pastel and ochre pigment on teak ply wood, carved
25.5 × 25 cm