Giacomo Zaganelli

December 2021–February 2022

Giacomo Zaganelli


After finishing set up his project for the 2nd Thailand Biennale in Korat. Zaganelli decided to participate in a 3-month art residency program at MATDOT. Along with his partner, Silvia Piantini, Zaganelli spent most of his time researching the essence of Bangkok as a city, and developing an idea for further art projects.

Giacomo Zaganelli is an Italian artist who works also as a curator and a researcher at the border between art, architecture and space—meant as resultant of landscape, environment and territory—operating with site-responsive approach and engaging local people during the process. His  attentions and researches are addressed to the relation between time and space, convinced that nowadays the added value of art lies on its social dimension. Zaganelli lives and works between Florence and Berlin.

Silvia Piantini is an Italian artist and designer. Her practice mainly focus on incorporating her own thought and experience for Contemporary jewellery.

Kofini’s Column, 2017
650 × 55 cm

La Grande Griglia, 2017
Iron Steel, 550 × 520 × 520 cm 

I am always here, 2017
Suit + single channel video, 6′39

Spera, 2016
125 sugar canes, ø 1100 cm

Cartefornocosentine, 2016
baking papers, 218
× 182 cm 

Viral, 2016
traditional hats, bamboo stripes, ø 230 cm

Superficially, 2016C
anvas, scaffolds, cement
440 × 440 × 510 cm

Superficially, 2016
Single-channel video, 3’52

Superficially, 2016
Three-channel video, 6’29 

Superficially, 2016
Single-channel video, 8’08” 

Rethink Palestine, 2015
Plexiglass, ink, iron, 220 x 140 x 10 cm
(Hisham’s Palace, Jericho, Palestine)

Panta Rei, 2015
reeds, metallic net
700 × 300 × 250 cm

(10th Guandu International
Outdoor Sculpture Festival,
Daotou Park,
Taipei, Taiwan

Moto, 2014
160 cardboard pipes, iron
800 × 205 × 200 cm

(Cartasia International Paper Biennial, Lucca, Italy)

Monastero di Siloe, 2012
Cinigiano (GR), 35 × 8 × 4.5 m
(100 hay bales)