July–August 2024


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Glass sculptures adorning the gallery walls occupy the space, each possessing a three-dimensional volume. These glass sculptures, which either mimic familiar forms or incorporate words and patterns, convey a semblance of the artist’s thoughts, albeit without clear meanings. Indeed, artist Lim Hyun-jun, known as Jun.GK, dedicates himself to infusing his messages into every glass sculpture. To comprehend his work, one must focus not only on the materials he uses but also on why he conceived these particular forms.

Jun.GK has consistently worked with glass throughout his artistic career, and excluding the nature of glass from his work seems inevitable. However, he views glass merely as an inherent property. When he initially studied art, his choices were limited to clay and glass, and he selected glass as it offered a higher potential for leaving his distinctive mark as an artist. This is why he avoids being labeled as a glass artist or a glass craftsman.

Jun.GK’s works seem to confine specific events within his sculptures, whether they be societal norms or philosophical questions. “I often find myself questioning things inspired by the news, literature, or conceptual artworks. Instead of expressing these curiosities through words or writing, I pour my dedication into creating visual forms,” he says. The three-dimensional presence of his artworks in space signifies the recording of inevitable societal issues, conflicts, ideologies, and phenomena that arise at those moments.

One of his notable works, glass window penetrations into space, exemplifies the artist’s proactive nature. While the light passing through the window can convey the intentions of the artwork to the audience, Jun.GK installs the window itself to directly occupy space, a powerful declaration of his determination to convey his own narrative. In this way, Jun.GK encapsulates his past experiences (represented by the plane) into sculptures (representing space) and expects the audience to actively occupy the gallery space, just as he did.

“While one might see my works on the wall as beautiful sculptures, I have never created a piece solely for its aesthetic appeal. Fully understanding my work is undoubtedly challenging. For instance, the jar on the wall carries a story about new beginnings. Rather than supporting those attempting something new, our society tends to criticize them. Thus, I drew three black lines on the jar, signifying the continuous permission to try, and the jar symbolizes hope and aspiration. We often make wishes when we look at the moon,” he explains. Therefore, the essence of his work lies not in merely appreciating the form but in deciphering the intentions concealed within it.

A periscope is an expansion of vision, what I see, 2019
Dimensions variable

Violation, 2021
Slumping (kiln work) / Soda glass
86 × 86 × 84 cm

Occupying Slumping, 2021
Fusing (kiln work)/Soda glass
(spectrum glass)
60 × 30 × 10 cm

Edge of Tomorrow (Maximal), 2022
Slumping (kiln work) / Soda glass,
Yarn, brick and stainless steel

Like That (Gaze), 2020
Slumping (kiln work) / Soda glass, mirror effect
150 × 70 × 7 cm

Regulation, 2020
Air blown (kiln work) / Soda glass (spectrum glass Co)
25 × 25 × 6 cm

Please, Release an art, 2017
Air Blowing, Kiln Work/Spectrum Glass,
F.R.P(painted), Ceramic rope
40 × 27 × 12 cm

Please, Release an art, 2017
Air Blowing, Kiln Work / Spectrum Glass, F.R.P(painted), Ceramic rope
40 × 27 × 12 cm

Is it release?, 2017
Air Blowing, Kiln Work/Spectrum Glass,
F.R.P(painted), Ceramic rope
40 × 27 × 12 cm

Please, Release an art, 2017
Air Blowing, Kiln Work / Spectrum Glass, Wood, Painted, Ceramic rope
60 x 25 x 60 cm

Space construction Chair (Simualtion), 2017
Slumping/Glass, Wood, Painted
60 × 90 × 15 cm

What does it has changed from what?, 2013
Kiln work / Mixed media
40 × 32 × 15 cm

Mutating of Plan, 2013
Kiln work / Studio Glass
40 × 30 × 20 cm