Liliane Zumkemi

June–July 2023

February 2024

Liliane Zumkemi

Instagram: Zumkemi_Liliane

LILIANE ZUMKEMI was born in the Swiss Alps. She studied Art at Ecole Cantonale  des Beaux-Arts in Sion and at University for Art and Design in Lucerne, Switzerland  (1992- 1998).

For her first show in 1998 she hollowed out a tree trunk with her own hands, stood in the tree trunk that reached her eye level and looked  at the audience.

In 2003 She participated at the first edition of “Brand New” in Bangkok where she installed her participatory installation “Neither….Nor”, 6 Rats in a golden 49 m² paper field were controlled by the remote control in the visitor’s hand.

For the Busan Biennale in 2009 she produced the video installation” The Heart Power Plant”. The video shows a golden heart beating, catching fire, burning and beating again accompanied by a bird song.

Her more than 50 exhibitions are documented in the Asia Art Archive in Hongkong and at the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zürich. Currently she lives and works in an artist cooperative living and studio space in Basel and in the mountains in the Southern part of Switzerland.

She is looking forward to her Art residency at Matdot  Art Center.


Above image: Liliane Zumkemi in her Art studio space in Basel (photo credit: @Barbara Bühler)

The Peace Audition, 2008
VDO, 3 min 22 sec (loop) 

The Heart Power Plant, 2008
DVD, 3 min 55 sec (loop)
(Busan Biennale, Sea Art Festival, Sound Korea) 

ReminiSCENT, 2005
Installation with buoys collection
cast in soap and scent 

Brain Washing, 2004
DVD, 3 min 56 sec


YEN CHAI, Performance, 2002

Neither …. nor, 2002–03
Dimensions variable

Performance, 1998
70–90 min