Santiago Zarzosa

November 2024

Santiago Zarzosa


Santiago Zarzosa is a visual artist specialized in oil painting, mixed media, dry point press printmaking and charcoal drawing. Santiago sees a way to express his view of the world and his own experiences via other mediums as well like Photography, Watercolors and various printing techniques like Japanese Ukiyo-e & linoleum-based Linocut.  Santiago is influencing and inspiring other artists with his representational & abstracts line of work.

Santiago after starting Law School, he transferred half way to Graduate on his Bachelor’s Degree in an Advertising in a Private School in Madrid, Spain.   Santiago was always a natural art practitioner and his aim was to go to Beaux Arts but life took a turn.  He never gave up his art and while in College he attended an advance drawing Atelier with master Alsadi in Madrid.  He then showed is natural and easy approach to all the classic 3D forms & anatomy learning techniques.

Santiago love of art galleries and museums started at the younger age of 10 years old when the family moved from Northern Spain to Southern Spain his Dad encouraged him to visit Galleries and Museums on a regular basis.  He has continued since at every major European, American and other World destination he as visited.

While in College in Madrid, Spain, he travelled to the United States.  He met the love of his life and after a few years they got married and he moved to Minnesota, Minneapolis.  He then continues his pursue of his art career attending to The Atelier where he continues his classic art education.  Santiago frequently travelled to New York City and attended the live co-op drawing sessions for many years at The Art Students League of New York.

Santiago started to participate in the vibrant scene of the Twin Cities and had his first solo exhibition.  Then came many other solo and group exhibits in Minnesota and in New York where he was part of a group show in Soho.  He has participated in two international residencies in Iceland & Japan.  Santiago recently relocated to the city of Dallas, Texas where he continues to work in his studio for the commissions & developing his big size abstract mx media series.

Abstract watercolor series, 2022

Abstract watercolor series, 2022

Paris drypoint series, 2020

Fukuoka Art Exhibition, 2019
Japan Residency 2019

Surlur Sacred Mountain, 2018
Lino cut print
Iceland Residency 2018

Life Nude, 2015
Charcoal drawing sketch
The Art Students League of New York

Classic Barque hands rendering, 2010
Charcoal drawing

Matter Life Series, 2012
Drypoint on print paper

The Three of Us, 2010
Oil on canvas

Madrid Bar Series, 2008
Oil on canvas