Sara Fantoni

April 2022

“A delightful photographer”

Born in Modena, 1 November 1983, after graduating in Languages, she decides to give voice to her passion for cooking, realizing it in a course in Bologna and doing various internships also in starred restaurants and abroad.

She becomes a private cook for a few years for a family and then starts working in a place where she has the opportunity to travel but staying in her city, put in contact with cuisines and cultures from all over the world that gravitate around this place, the Time Zones of Modena.

Then her turning point arrives, she almost by chance decides together with her younger sister, Chiara, to take over a historic shop within the food market of the early 1900s, the Albinelli Market (1931), right in the heart of the city. One of the most beautiful foods and wine markets in Italy. The historic little Bar Schiavoni inside the market, famous for its gourmet sandwiches and selected wines, a crossroads of people and tourists almost as if it were a port, a sorting for a stop dedicated to the skillful reinterpretation of gastronomic combinations of raw materials that become special fillings for unique sandwiches.

Years go by, twelve to be exact and in addition to her passion for cooking, Sara feeds another passion, that of photography. The practical combination of cooking/photography becomes its dominant character, where, in the search for taste and the recipe, slowness and culinary dexterity are the daily themes, in photography instead it is the waiting and the speed of knowing how to observe a beyond he image that becomes his linguistic code with accents that detract from great photography, from Henri Cartier Bresson, Mario Giacomelli, Elliot Ervit, Martin Parr. Sara Fantoni is a born photographer.

A passion born by chance, a gift … a camera in hand and Sara begins to discover her. She hasn’t stopped since then and managed to make a series of exhibitions in the area. Her first personal exhibition dates back to 2016, entitled “Chasing… a dog”. The second, two-person staff in 2017; “Thieves of moments”. FUSIORARI, Modena. The third, collective in 2018, “Il Facrio”, is a diary of faces. FUSIORARI, Modena. The latest solo show was in 2019: “Shots to live”, Caffè Concerto, Modena, Piazza Grande curated by Marco Mango. 

The meeting with MM marks a great friendship and a cultural partnership. The project in progress Bangkok Bangkok is born, for the artist’s residence in April 2022 at the MATDOT Art Center in Bangkok, directed by the curator Tawatchai Somkong. A project to compose a book; an immersive photographic journey of the “city of angels”, photographed by Sara Fantoni and told by a selection of contemporary writers who with their looks of words will mark the various chapters to give voices of harmony and contrast to the unstoppable images of a Bangkok illuminated by his many souls.