Vincent Leow

April–June 2024

Vincent Leow


Vincent Leow is a visual artist known for his use of mixed media to interrogate the role of the artist and art-making in contemporary society, interspersed with his own personal observations and experiences. Vincent expresses his work through a range of mediums and genres, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, video, and more. With the various social and communal contexts integrated into his works, he was able to push his artistic practice to the public forefront and inspire others. After graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts in 1987, he obtained an MA in Fine Art in 1991 in the USA and completed his Doctorate in Fine Art in 2005 (R MIT, Melbourne, Australia).  

Vincent has spent close to 30 years educating the younger generation in visual arts. He was previously teaching at LASALLE College of the Arts, serving as Head of the Sculpture Department from 1992 to 1996, and Senior Lecturer for the MA in Fine Arts program from 2003 to 2007. From 2008 to 2013, he was Associate Professor at Sharjah University College of Fine Arts in the UAE. Currently, Vincent teaches at School of the Arts (SOTA).  

Vincent was active in The Artists Village (TAV), an artist collective that has been taking the lead in conceptual and experimental artmaking in Singapore since the mid-80s. A decade later, he co-founded the collective Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW) and served as its Artistic Director in exhibitions and programs in Singapore and Southeast Asia.  

Vincent was the recipient of scholarships and awards from the National Arts Council, the Mount Royal Scholarship, as well as the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Culture Award (2002). In addition, Vincent’s works have been acquired by both private collectors as well as institutions such as the National Gallery Singapore, NUS Museum, Singapore Art Museum, and Fukuoka Art Museum.  

Vincent has participated extensively in various group exhibitions such as the Chiang Mai Social Installation (1995); the 9th Indian Triennale of Contemporary Art (1997); and Singapore Children’s Biennale (2017), National Gallery Singapore. Some of Vincent’s prominent solo exhibitions since 1991 include Tags & Treats: Works by Vincent Leow at Singapore Art Museum (2010); For Andy’s Pranks & Swimming Lessons at Xin Beijing, China (2007) and Vincent Leow: Recent Paintings (1991), United States. Vincent has also represented Singapore on numerous international platforms, most notably at the Singapore Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007)

Everything Will Be OK, 2023
Found abandon shovel handle

TO LET, 2023
Stone, polyester resin and paint

Art Vouchers, 2022
Limited edition prints of 80

Framer’s Table 2021
Found framer’s table and soot

Bone and arrows, 2019
Wood and polyester resin

Wood Press, 2019
Steel, wood and stone

ON/OFF, 2019
Drawings, oil painting, wood and stone
Jendela Gallery, Esplanade, Singapore

Passing, 2017
iPreciation Gallery

(Top) Rajii’s Letter, 2015
(Bottom) Andrew’s eulogy, 2015

1001 memories, 2017
Rice paper, graphite
and gel medium on canvas

DEAD Paintings, 2015
Wood, oil paintings on Canvas

Suicide Gallery, 1999
Installation, Interactive video,
zinc, wood, countdown clock
Singapore Art Museum

Feet Installation
Installation; Fibre glass wood and electric fans.
Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore LASALLE

Siamese Twins, 1995
Inflatable globes, glass, wood, table and F-clamps