Zach Zono

January–February 2024

Zach Zono

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Zach Zono is a London based self-taught painter born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. His expansive, abstract paintings are densely layered and richly textured meditations on memories, the body, and nature, they reflect his fascination with colour and form, which is evident throughout his current practice.

Zono’s work is a meditation on the sensation of memory and existence. His paintings are based on internal experiences manifested in different ways. Zono’s intuitive approach to painting translates his lived experience in the world onto the canvas, creating complex and vivacious compositions. They can be viewed as a map of the mind, a landscape documenting the passage of time while retaining the fluidity of an idea or feeling. Each painting captures a moment in time rather than chronicling events, transitions that transcend thought and feeling.

The organic forms and vivid hues in Zono’s work are somewhat of an ode to his life in Cape Town. By utilising his large-scale works as a medium for experimentation, Zach’s pieces capture an audience’s attention by creating an atmosphere that can only be experienced in person.

You belong, 2023
Don’t talk to me, till I come out this room, 2023

Don’t pull the door closed, 2023

I could give you a hug, 2023
My hero was there, 2023
Us, 2023
I need a mirror ball, 2023

Start the car, 2022

Stuck in the rain, 2023

Forgive the sun, it burns, 2022

Once a day, 2022

She used to dance, 2021

This could be strange, 2022

No need to, 2022

The big, 2021

Don’t forget, order now, 2021










Is One Thing Better Than Another

Solo exhibition by Zach Zono

27 February–24 March 2024
Matdot Gallery