Studio 3

The Upper Deck

Perched on the second floor of the Blacklist Gallery, This is the most expansive studio at MATDOT Art Center, boasting a generous 69.4 square meters of creative space. This light-filled haven features a large glass wall, offering stunning natural light and fostering a connection to the outdoors. Step out onto the adjoining open terrace for a breath of fresh air and a dose of inspiration.

The Upper Deck provides the perfect environment for artistic exploration and interaction. Inside, a large working table awaits your creative endeavors, while a comfortable sofa and coffee table set the stage for relaxed conversation. The studio comes equipped with a refrigerator and air conditioning for year-round comfort.

Suitable for: This versatile studio is ideal for artists who require ample space and natural light. The open floor plan and outdoor terrace make it perfect for large-scale projects and artistic collaborations. Additionally, the comfortable seating area allows artists to host small group visits and engage with art enthusiasts.