Handmade Sketchbook Workshop: Good Time and Great Experience with Artist-in-Residence

On May 31, 2024, MATDOT Art Center hosted a workshop on creating handmade sketchbooks. The instructor, artist-in-residence Mr. Vincent Leow, led a session for MATDOT staff, interns, and the public. Participants learned, practiced, and crafted their handmade sketchbooks, taking home one or two each.

The workshop focused on hand-sewn, leather-bound A5 sketchbooks. Mr. Leow demonstrated that the process was surprisingly straightforward. It began with preparing the A5 paper by folding A4 sheets in half and dividing them into sets for the desired thickness. Sewing lines were marked, and holes were punched as guides before stitching and assembling the book using a fishbone stitch. Stiff paper was glued to the cover for reinforcement, then the book was bound and firmly clamped. After drying thoroughly, fabric was glued onto the spine. Finally, pre-cut leather pieces were glued onto the fabric spine and pressed tightly with clamps again.

Later, participants had the opportunity to join Mr. Leow in shopping for materials like needles, thread, paper, and fabric for future bookbinding projects. Additionally, everyone personalised their creations by carving their names onto the leather covers.

Mr. Leow’s guidance facilitated a creatively enriching and visually pleasing experience for the participants. The workshop also fostered a sense of camaraderie and strengthened positive relationships within the art community. Special thanks go to Mr. Vincent Leow and all the participants for creating this memorable experience together.