Silk-screen workshop

The Silkscreen workshop at Matdot Art Center was organised by Gabriel Camelin and Poom Nuthoung (Founder of Family Ritual). Gabriel is a professor at “Digital Communication Design, Silapakorn University International College, and also freelances as a videographer and photographer. The workshop’s aim was to teach the basics of two-colour printing on paper and fabric as well as how screens work, the photo emulsion process, the basics of designing artwork the differences in inks, printing substrates, two-colour printing techniques, and print culture in general. Besides learning, participants were immersed in the artistic impressions of art masterpieces within MATDOT Art Center that undoubtedly inspired and movitated their own creativities.

6 March 2020
Language: English and Thai
Hosting Workshop by
Gabriel Camelin & Poom Nuthoung
FB: @gabrielcamelinpro
FB: @familyritual