The Laws of Success


Author: Dr. Napoleon Hill
Translator: Pasong Asa
Pages: 750
19th edition, 2020
Green color, paperback 750 baht
Red color, hardback 850 baht



After the book, The Laws of Success has disappeared from the newsstand in Thailand for over ten years. Plato 13 publishing decided to contact the Napoleon Hill Foundation for republication in 2015. Because we think, even though more than ninety years since Dr. Napoleon Hill has written this book in 1925, but the content of the book is still adapted for cultivating the mind and well self-improvement today. Whether it is a matter of metaphysics (Master Mind), the exact purpose (definite purpose) or the golden rule, etc. If you read carefully and consider carefully, you’ll find this book suitable for everyone. All careers that want to develop themselves in the way of lifestyle you wanted.