MATDOT is your go-to haven for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Nestled in the serene Nang Loeng neighborhood of Bangkok’s historic district, MATDOT boasts a meticulously crafted infrastructure with specialized spaces for a diverse range of events and activities. From a classic white-cube art gallery and cozy coffee café, to an art shop and elevated rooftop bar, our mission is to push the boundaries and reimagine the public’s notion of art spaces.













At Matdot Café, every inch is adorned with an artful atmosphere that will captivate you. Enjoy a cup of the best coffee while surrounded by masterpieces from renowned Thai and international artists. The works on display have been carefully selected by our founder and artist/curator, Tawatchai Somkong, creating the perfect blend of café and art space.


Both Matdot and Blacklist Gallery are international art platforms with a mission to represent art, challenge the status quo of the contemporary art world, and catalyze the energy of leading artists. At our core, we strive for change. With multiple functions in the art world, we aim to bridge the gap between the public’s perception and the artist’s vision, and to foster appreciation for the aesthetic value of contemporary art.

























Our two individual artist studios are equipped with the necessary facilities to support your productivity. They are available for use in any fine art creation, one-time event, exhibition, or workshop. The atmosphere of our space creates a conducive environment for you to focus on your creative pursuits.

Silpa Bhirasri Room

Widely regarded as the “Father of modern art in Thailand,” Silpa Bhirasri was one of the foreign artists who become a great icon of Thailand’s art scene. This immense collection of Bhirasri’s portrait art can be undeniably considered the largest of its kind. In this room, you will find a variety of artwork in various mediums ranging from traditional painting and sculpture to mixed-media kinetic art. 























Black Hall

The Black Hall at MATDOT is a captivating space that’s impossible to ignore. Not just because of its massive 100 sq. m size, but because of the way it’s been beautifully adorned. Every wall in this versatile room is adorned with breathtaking mural paintings that bring to life a world of imagination and reality. The simple black and white scenes on a grey background are a feast for the eyes, making this space the perfect setting for a variety of indoor events.


Come and immerse yourself in an environment surrounded by art and creative energy. Our sleek all-black metal, wood, and glass design is a deliberate blend of industrial style within a half-decade-old architecture. This creates a visually striking combination of old and new elements that is both eye-catching and comfortable. Our four distinctive bedrooms offer you the chance to uncover hidden aesthetic treasures.























Experience a unique blend of urban and historic charm with breathtaking views of the Golden Mount pagoda from the top of our main building, MATDOT’s rooftop. Our spacious and well-appointed outdoor space spans over a hundred square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests.