MATDOT is the ideal destination for you in pursuit of a new experience. Located in Nang Loeng neighborhood, one of the most peaceful vicinities in Bangkok’s historic area. Our well-designed infrastructure provides you with certain spaces for every kind of event and activity. From a traditional white-cube art gallery, coffee café, and art shop, to the rooftop bar, we aim to create as many possibilities as we can to redefine the public perception of art space.













In every inch of Matdot Café, the art motif of the magnificent atmosphere will shine you up. Grab your chance to enjoy the best coffee and masterpiece of art together at the same time. A bunch of artworks from renowned Thai and international artists from around the world are carefully selected by our founder “Tawatchai Somkong” who is himself the artist and curator. This is the perfect combination of café and art space.



Both of our art space, Matdot and Blacklist Gallery, are international art platforms whose mission is to represent the art and neutralizes the dust of the contemporary “art catwalk” and catalyzes leading artists’ vibes. at our core, We are here for a change. For that reason, the gallery has multiple functions in the art world to connect the profound relationship between the public’s perception and the artist’s view to become one and also at the same time to appreciate the aesthetic value of contemporary art today.

























Our two individual studios are well-equipped with basic facilities aimed to serve your productivity. We open up for any kind of fine art creation, one-time event, exhibition, or workshop. Combine with the atmosphere of our space, this is such a place where you can truly focus on what you wish to create.

Silpa Bhirasri Room

Widely regarded as the “Father of modern art in Thailand,” Silpa Bhirasri was one of the foreign artists who become a great icon of Thailand’s art scene. This immense collection of Bhirasri’s portrait art can be undeniably considered the largest of its kind. In this room, you will find a variety of artwork in various mediums ranging from traditional painting and sculpture to mixed-media kinetic art.
























Black Hall

The Black Hall is the most fascinating space at MATDOT, not because of its tremendous 100 sq. m in size, but the way it was decorated. Each wall of this multi-purpose room was filled with stunning mural paintings. Depicting the scene of life on earth—both from the real world and imaginary world—vividly shown in simple black and white on grey background. This space is suitable for organizing a wide range of indoor events such as conferences, lectures, or even parties.


Come and live within art surrounding together with creative vibes. All-black metal, wood, and glass—every material was precisely chosen to match the industrial style of this half-decade-old architecture. The result is a unique visual combination of the old and new sense of place yet comfortable enough for the resident. Our four unique bedrooms await you to discover their hidden aesthetic aspect.























Get a stunning view of the Golden Mount pagoda from the top of our main building, MATDOT’s rooftop is one of the best outdoor spaces above the bustling streets of Bangkok. Over a hundred square meters of total area, this place can accommodate up to 50 people.