Gianluca Vernizzi

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Vernizzi was born in Modena (Italy),  August 12,1964. 

Educated in UK and USA, a Birthing of Giants scholar (Executive Master program in Business Management) at MIT. 

Vernizzi lived and worked in Bologna, New York, London and traveled the world to come in contact with a wide variety of cultures and contemporary art influences as to develop his own conceptual language to redefine environmental “beauty”. Since 2015 he lives and works between Bologna (Italy) and Bangkok (Thailand).

As entrepreneur Vernizzi is a lifelong enthusiast for developing a radical holistic approach in R&D and marketing as to develop innovative spatial color technology for the built environment by bridging art with design. His registered Fractalis and Bodhi product design brands, IP and applied research projects are directed under his Inter Nos Co., Ltd brain enterprise, and manufactured and marketed internationally through a network of Licensees and Partners. Vernizzi is the Author and Director of cutting-edge nomadic art platform CAPOLAVORI bridging art with enterprise and embracing project-based innovation programs for society.

Vernizzi initiation to painting was in his pre-teen years with his grandfather Giuseppe in his art studio in Parma which led him to a progressive self-teaching process. At age 24 he has started collecting contemporary art and painting under the pseudonym of Kubern Ronin. In 2015 he composed the syntax of his MYTRIX genre immerging into a rigorous and vibrant visual art research. The use of cutting-edge proprietary contrast media -such as photosensitive nano acrylics and composite surface-active materials- allow him to enhance his artisanal Mytrix Resonance Imaging (MRI) painting-without-planning process as attempt to pick and map the momentum of the ephemeral. His artworks are biological images of temporary and liminal experiences, portraits of transient entanglement between environmental end epigenetic changes, fleeting signals. The titles of his works are key integral part of the captured imagery, and often polysemic notes from “my own playground”. As an artist he conceptualize on the core theme of ephemerals and selfless transitions using multiple cutting edge color and composite nano materials in combination with traditional medium such as oil colors and inks.

He was seen in: 2016 / international art workshop and exhibition at BUU University | 2017 / collective exhibition at PTendercool Gallery (Bangkok) | 2018 / Embassy of Italy Italian Pavilion’s “amazeing” art and design installation in the occasion of the 1st Bangkok Design Week edition |”Egglectics” solo exhibition at DUKE Contemporary Art Space (Bangkok) |2019 / international Collective exhibition “Post-Covid” at MATDOT Art Center in Bangkok curated by Tawatchai Somkong |2021 / solo exhibition “Mapping MUNDI” at MIES Gallery in Modena (Italy) curated by Marco Mango | Pimarntip International Pavilion, Thailand BIENNALE Korat 2021 curated by Yuko Hasegawa.

His projects and works have been published in such periodicals as Wallpaper, REvolution, ESPER Magazine, and Fine Art Magazine.

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