Nawara Pichaiphaet

Advisory Committee

Nawara Pichaiphaet, was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand on November 25, 1971. Her academic pursuits began at the College of Fine Arts, and culminated in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematography from King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, followed by a Master of Arts in Cultural Management from Thammasat University.

Transitioning from her role as a lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Arts, Bangkok University, Nawara immersed herself in the world of entrepreneurship.

Nawara has diverse interests, with writing always being her passion. Recently, she exhibited her book, “imPASSIONism” at the Wangna Art Gallery (Ministry of Culture) alongside several renowned Thai artists. Additionally, she administrates a Facebook Fan page named “Fantastic Fifty” to showcase her written works.

MATDOT Bangsaray

Her extensive travels abroad and exposure to Western societies have significantly influenced her perspective on education, leading her to establish alternative educational methods for children within her community.

In 2016, Nawara introduced innovative teaching approaches by organizing alternative education programs at her residence in Bangsaray, Sattahip, Chonburi, during school breaks, attracting a sizeable group of 20-30 children.

Due to the high participation of children, in 2018, Nawara founded Sunsaray Social Enterprise under the name Wonderfarm at Sunsaray, a non-profit creative space tailored for the community’s children. Nawara’s ethos emphasized self-sustainability, requiring children to participate in revenue-generating activities rather than receiving donations.

Recognizing the diverse expatriate population in the Bangsaray-Pattaya area, Nawara envisioned Wonderfarm as a community space fostering cultural exchange among local children, foreign children, and mixed-race children prevalent in the region. She believed in the transformative power of play as a vehicle for cultural exchange and language acquisition.

Sunsaray Social Enterprise also serves as a hub for homeschooling, focusing on life skills and project-based learning. Nawara organized weekend markets themed around arts & crafts, organic farming, and sustainability to facilitate community interaction, providing children with real-world experiences in various fields and nurturing essential soft skills.

Today, the homeschooled children at Wonderfarm have flourished academically, with educational settings evolving to include bamboo buildings set amidst aesthetically pleasing organic farms. This integration of arts and crafts has ignited a keen interest in the arts among the children.

The collaborative efforts between Sunsaray Social Enterprise and MATDOT Art Center led to the establishment of MATDOT Art Center Bangsaray, a vibrant art hub dedicated to cultivating artistic talent aligned with the founders’ shared vision, ensuring the continuity of their creative legacy.