Every Day Good

Solo exhibition by Vincent Leow

This exhibition of drawings is my reaction to the human experiences of loss and to the chaos and destruction wrought by ongoing conflicts in the present world. The title EVERY DAY GOOD is unsettling, contrasting with the feeling of doom that comes with witnessing lives taken away by the dehumanizing wars unfolding before our eyes.

The work consists of drawings made from a collection of images depicted in the news and on social media, showing distressing scenes of relentless attacks on humanity. The horrifying events may seem distant from us; however, these pieces bring the portrayals of chaos, destruction, and cruelty right into our space. Raw and haphazardly drawn, they reflect on the inhumanity of power and greed and their effects on the helpless. Executed in ink on paper, each piece is a vivid impression rendered with sketchy, uncontrolled lines and overlapping images, which magnify the desperation in war-torn regions.

Created during this residency at MATDOT Art Center, these drawings are akin to diary entries. They convey the savage conditions that innocent civilians, women, children, and infants are subjected to amidst the violence of war. It is my aspiration that we engage in introspection in the face of the harsh realities of loss and consider the impulse for survival and the enduring human capacity for resistance.

– Vincent Leow

Exhibition period: 4 June – 7 July 2024 at Blacklist Gallery
Opening Reception: 4 June, 18.00h










Vincent Leow

Born in 1961, Dr. Vincent Leow is a distinguished visual artist renowned for his innovative use of various media to explore the role of the artist and the process of art-making in contemporary society. His work spans various mediums and genres, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, video and performance. Integrating diverse social and communal contexts, Leow’s art practice continually pushes boundaries and inspires audiences.