an exhibition that brings creatives together
to raise emergency funds through art

FRAGILE FIELDS aims to advance funds and awareness between two causes. The rise of friction during the pandemic foregrounds a certain passiveness, which overturns the prospect for concern through action. The pandemic has heightened and called attention to the unjust actions, or inactions, towards those marginalized. This period is defined by what is done as much as what isn’t. We are seeing the violation of not only someone’s space, but their existence, history and home.

Those marginalized within these spaces suffer and are sought out to be erased. A dangerous form of apathy thrives under the current capitalist world, where the global threat to marginalized people prevails. Informed empathy empowers those who are marginalized, as we have seen through the vitality of social media. The focus here is on action through learning and funding.

The works on show will fully contribute towards the buyers chosen charity. Those marginalized require donations for food, water and medical support. Funds can be donated to either Palestine Emergency Appeal or UNICEF for CHILDREN IN BANGKOK. The artworks are presented in a virtual exhibition on the MATDOT’s website. The viewer may virtually access, move around and request to purchase artwork from this platform.

The world has witnessed the deterioration of violence and displacement towards Palestinians in recent months. Palestinian identity has been regarded as a violation to the Israeli state. The effort to systematically remove Palestinians and erase them from history has killed, injured and displaced. Until the violence ends definitely, urgent funds are required to support poverty-stricken Palestinians.

COVID-19 in Bangkok has spread in alarming levels between the slum areas of the city. People living in these areas have limited access to healthcare and sanitation. Medical equipment and hygiene supplies are required to control the COVID outbreak. Children with restricted access to essential hygiene are put  vulnerable positions, especially those who are immunocompromised.

 1. Palestinian charity: SKT WELFARE

Palestine Emergency Appeal distributes donations between food, water and medical supplies for those displaced in Gaza, currently experiencing a humanitarian and warfare crisis. The ceasefire has signalled hope to end the violence, however the Palestinian people will struggle to survive and live on their destroyed land.

2. Thai charity: UNICEF

CHILDREN FACING THE CORONAVIRUS NEED YOUR HELP: Protective items for health workers as well as urgently needed medical equipment to fight COVID-19. Donations will ramp up support to curb COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand, including Bangkok’s Khlong Toei community.

To learn more, here are additional links to learn or fund toward each cause:

Palestinian crisis |

Khlong Toei slums in Bangkok