Global WARning

a rhythmically distorted vital signal

The world is currently grappling with a multitude of challenges and transformations, ranging from unpredictable weather patterns to the alarming decline of various animal and plant species. Additionally, conflicts and disputes continue to arise, resulting in substantial losses. Whether these events are triggered by natural occurrences or human actions, they leave behind a trail of devastation that cannot be ignored. It is as if our planet, akin to a critically ill patient, is desperately signaling the need for immediate and urgent treatment.

Narate Jung monitors these escalating signals through global news, simulating a personal sphere to decelerate the flow of information. This enables the extraction of crucial content for further examination and the exploration of the underlying meaning within the received data. Teerawat Nutcharoenpol believes in the profound relationship between humans and nature. Amidst the unrest that is occurring, human can merely receive, analyze and filter any information, to search for what is necessary and eliminate what is worthless. Tetat Tanachoktaweporn travels with the burdens he collects along the way, both necessary and unnecessary, accumulating until they become burdens he must bear. This action symbolizes the greed and foolishness of humans that may lead to unforeseen dangers. Krissadank Intasorn creatively produces works stemming from his inner state of mind. He captures the unfolding crisis, which serves as both a starting point and a catalyst for him to learn about himself and seek new paths.

Although the channels of perception, processing methods, and coping mechanisms vary among individuals, the current global crisis has created a tremor that has made all four artists aware of the pressure in sustaining the world. Through the constraints of life, they have had to seek a way out for both the world and their own selves.

Opening reception: 17 July 2023, 18.00 h at MATDOT Art Center