Is One Thing Better Than Another

Solo exhibition by Zach Zono

Executed during a one-month residency in Bangkok, Thailand, this exhibition encapsulates Zono’s immersive experience in the vibrant city. By day, he roamed the streets of Bangkok, drawing inspiration from the intricacies of everyday life. As night fell, Zono would embark on a journey, applying and removing layers of oil paint. This process not only mirrored the city’s pulsating energy but also transformed his work into a considerate meditation on the sensation of memory.

Zono’s exploration of Bangkok’s cultural landscape is evident in his incorporation of the vivid colors associated with Thai beliefs. These hues become a vital element of the exhibition, infusing the collection with a harmonious blend of his South African roots and the vibrant influences of Thailand.

The exhibition is titled “Is One Thing Better Than Another,” and it focuses on the central themes of Zono’s work. It invites viewers to think about duality and how we perceive things subjectively. By exploring these philosophical ideas, the exhibition encourages people to reconsider their preconceived notions and question binary thinking. This prompts a deeper reflection on individual perspectives and biases.

Opening reception: Tuesday 27 February 2024, 18.00 h

Exhibition period: 27 February–24 March 2024










About Artist

Zach Zono, a self-taught painter based in London, originates from Cape Town, South Africa. His expansive abstract paintings serve as densely layered reflections on memory, the body, and nature. Zono’s fascination with color, form, and personal experiences is intricately woven into each canvas, resulting in complex and distinctive compositions.