Refractive Error

Selected Group show

The abnormalities in vision can happen in many ways. They could be due to the person’s eyes’ health, the chemicals in the brain, or the deterioration of eye function from its excessive usage. This leads to abnormal, or distorted vision. There are also external factors which can cause the distorted vision, such as natural phenomenons upon which our eyes cannot properly process. This includes, for example, the mirage phenomenon. Nowadays, although the advancement of technology has allowed us to witness and observe a lot of things in the world in fine detail, our own perception and the concept of the world may still contradict the purpose of the technology itself. This can lessen the value of context and negatively reduce the focus and specificity of things.

Featuring artists: Chakrit Buranarom, Kem Sriwichaimool, Siwawet Thongbaiyai, Thanawat Numcharoen, Tharathon Phaibueng, and Vacharanont Sinvaravatn