Spatial Conundrum

We are in space as much as space is in us

This installation presents an impossible idea. I imagine that if we could get outside space, outside the Universe itself, we would see space and everything in it move past us in a giant curve. The Universe is expanding and space is curved by gravity. We are intrinsically connected to space: at a subatomic level, there is space between the electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom. We are in space as much as space is in us. We see the world the way we do, because of our scale relative to everything else.

For this work I have covered tools and everyday objects with wax. The wax is from a candle that was made as an offering for the temple to accompany a prayer or meditation. Conceptually, the light from the candle has the potential to illuminate the unknown.

In my practice I want to expand my thinking. The best works evolve from the original idea and reveal new insights about the world.

— David Jensz
Bangkok, October 2023










About Artist

Born in Melbourne in 1957, David Jensz studied at Charles Sturt University and the Australian National University, where he later lectured for nearly three decades. David’s artistic focus lies in sculpture, installation, and drawing, inspired by his keen interest in physics, nature, and the micro/macro aspects of the universe.