Thawan Duchanee

In memoriam

A bizarre mélange of human and animal forms commingling in tune with traditional Thai patterns with thick brushstrokes, forceful and swift yet tinged with fluidness, liveliness, and menace. These distinctive characteristics earned Thawan Duchanee’s merit as one of the greatest artists in Thailand. Although he is no longer with us, his extraordinary passion lives on as a legend that guides many young artists in the way they work and live their life.

In Memoriam: Thawan Duchanee features artworks from five new generation artists. Each piece is different in technique and presentation, from painting, mixed media, kinetic art, installation art, to rock music, all of which are hatched from each of their perspective or personal experience concerning Thawan. Some of them may have had the opportunity to meet Thawan in person while some may have only seen or heard of his works. Thus, this exhibition is an exploration of how the image of Thawan Duchanee, the greatest figure in the traditional Thai art scene, is perceived by the new generation.

Featuring artists: Arnont Lertpullpol, Narate Jung, Nawat Lertsawaengkit, Niratchaporn Nuamjerm, and Somphong Ponrassamee

Exhibition period: 17 March – 24 April 2022