Aquarium 2

Perfect for Collaboration

Aquarium 2 offers a haven for artistic duos or close companions seeking a shared residency experience. Nestled beside its twin, Aquarium 1, these adjoining suites provide a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate while maintaining individual space. A convenient door within the living area allows for easy access between the rooms, fostering open communication and shared creativity. This spacious suite measures 38.3 square meters, just like its counterpart.

A Bright and Cheerful Space:

Aquarium 2 offers a bright and cheerful living area with ample light. Unwind on the large corner sofa, perfect for relaxed conversations with your artistic partner or fellow residents.  The coffee table offers a convenient space for collaboration, brainstorming sessions, or enjoying a cup of tea brewed with the provided electric kettle. A 50-inch LED TV provides entertainment options for downtime, and a refrigerator allows you to stock your favorite snacks and drinks.

Flexible Sleeping Arrangements:

The dedicated bedroom area features a unique double-deck bed, offering sleeping arrangements for two residents. The double bed on the lower level provides a comfortable sleeping space, while the single bed above caters to an additional guest or allows for a more space-saving layout. Ample closet space ensures ample storage for all your belongings.

A Dedicated Workspace:

To fuel your artistic endeavors, a spacious worktable is provided in the living area. Spread out your materials, brainstorm ideas, and translate your vision into reality. An electric fan and air conditioner ensure year-round comfort, while ample lighting allows you to work late into the night if inspiration strikes.

Unwind and Recharge

Just like Aquarium 1, this suite offers a private bathroom with essential amenities and a refreshing hot shower. Air conditioning ensures comfortable temperatures throughout your residency.

Embrace the Artistic Spirit:

As with its counterpart, Aquarium 2 features a curated selection of artworks chosen by our esteemed curators at MATDOT.  Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment and let the artistic energy flow as you create your own masterpieces.

Unit plan