Art Residency

Being in the right place at the right time is essential for the groundwork of creativity. At MATDOT, we empower artists in every kind of art, or even art lovers, to explore their potential. With all conveniences and working facilities available to the resident, our art residency program is the best opportunity for an artist in seeking new inspiration from this city. And for an art lover, what could be more exciting than spending time among all of these exceptional pieces of art and artistic people?

Bangkok is always the dream destinations of millions of tourists around the world. The city is known for elaborate cultural heritage which can be perceived through many historical landmarks. Particularly in the historic area of Bangkok, which is called “Rattanakosin Island.” This certain land mass is bordered on the west side by Chao Phraya river, and on the east side by various canals, making the city center—which houses the Grand Palace and many royal temples—totally fortified.

Although, for the past hundred years, the city has been heavily gone through the process of modernization, and the ongoing gentrification might wipe out many authentic landscapes, you can find some hidden nostalgic senses that still lingered on the way of native people’s life.




A one-page resume or c.v. describing academic, professional, and other relevant experience.

Project summary and Bio

provide a 100-word artist biography and a 100-word summary of the proposed project. These summaries will be used as a narrative and for administrative and public use.

Detailed project proposal and Timeline

In 500 words, describe the framework of your proposed project in relation to the residency, your weekly execution plan, details of the mediums you propose to use and your level of knowledge in the processes required, and outline any specific technical or support requirements.

Resource request

Outline all studio, equipment, facility, or staff support requested. Final resource allocation is at the discretion of the department.


10 samples of your artistic work. AIR1/AIR2 are fully furnished individual bedrooms with bed, nightstand, clothes rack and desk, additional to the one in the studio, where the artists can also create when they need some privacy. The studio is down part of Matdot’s space– bright open shared space with big working desks, with comfortable chairs, lamps, equipped kitchen (with utensils, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, fridge, washing machine).

Fees and Support

The period duration of the residency is between one to three months. The fee is 45,000 THB per month, including all mentioned residency activities and services, group exhibition, accommodation and studio space in Matdot Art Center and related utility bills.

* Send the following data to @[email protected] with the subject of the email: Art Residency Program. If your total file size is over 5MB. Please do send the data into one pdf. We recommend through “WeTransfer” or “Google drive” CV, Portfolio(Image files, video files, website links, etc.)